2 comments on “Top 5 From the 2013 New England International Auto Show

  1. Nice article, although I’d personally put the FRS over the ST. Seeing Clarkson take it around the corners on this weeks Top Gear just makes it seem too good to be true.

    The Mini makes me want to throw up though. It’s great they’ve made it AWD, so it’ll be a bit more fun than the standard FWD, but I wish they would go back to making Mini’s that look like Mini’s, not like miniaturized SUVs. Like the way they looked back in the mid-2000’s with the R53 (plus the supercharger would be nice to get back).

    • After watching the last Top Gear too, I feel a lot stronger about the FR-S. So much so that if I ever moved out of New England, I’d almost certainly buy one. But the fact remains that a FWD hatch is gonna be much more practical around here, and there’s just something special for me about the ST.

      The Mini was a tough choice, because personally I like the styling, but I know a lot of people really don’t like it. I love the way Minis look, and I think they did a great job with the Countryman in keeping with the design language, and while the Paceman is a departure from that, it still looks great to me.

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